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Best Use Of Facial Emotion Detection

Facial Emotions

Best Use Of Facial Emotion Detection – Feelings and emotions are part of the life of any of us. We can define a feeling as the state of mind caused by an emotion related to a person, animal, object or situation. Feelings affect us deeply, in fact, except in the Spanish language. Although the verb “ser” refers to them in other languages, we have the verb “estar” to express it in Spanish. They become part of our identity.

Feelings feed on emotions, which are more immediate reactions in the face of external stimuli modulated by our perception of reality. We build our memories when we process these feelings with our rational side. These conditions our way of being and our decisions in the future.

Understanding the emotions and feelings of the other, empathy is one of the most valuable tools in relationships with others. What if we could get an AI to understand them? Can you imagine the number of practical uses that this technology would have?

Human Feelings

Human Feelings

I’m not the first to have probed this question, not by a long shot. For years, significant advances have been made to analyze the feelings in texts, the emotions in the voice and the object of this article, and the analysis of emotions through facial expressions.

The possibility of expressing emotions through our faces has been analyzed for centuries by all kinds of thinkers. Already in the fourth century BC, Aristotle was concerned with investigating them. From him, many scholars have strained to define their number and nature, regardless of the conclusions, which have been changing with the advancement of scientific research. What is 100% measurable is that we have more than 30 facial muscles that reflect our mood. These combinations, embodied in the millions of different looks that humanity has, cause, as expected, that the work of analyzing and learning them for an AI is very arduous, although little by little, they are managing to do it better and better.

Universal Emotions and Facial Expressions

Best Use Of Facial Emotion Detection -Is the angry face the same for a person of Eastern origin as one of Western origin? According to one of the most widely accepted hypotheses in biology and the social sciences, it should be. However, the manifestation and intensity of the six basic emotions (joy, surprise, disgust, anger, fear and sadness) are not as universal as previously believed. A study in the United Kingdom shows that they could be perceived differently depending on the person’s culture.

The study has concluded that the expression of emotions may not be innate but rather cultural. In other words, opening your eyes and mouth wide on the other side of the world may not help much. If the inhabitants of that place do not know how to identify the facial expression of surprise. These conclusions contradict the most accepted hypothesis in biology and social sciences.  Since Darwin wrote ‘The appearance of emotions in man and animals in 1872. In it, he established that the facial expressions of the six basic emotions (joy, surprise, disgust, anger, fear, and sadness) are universal and innate.

Microsoft Azure Face Service

First of all, we will comment on the solution offered by Microsoft Azure Face Service, which has facial recognition services, face detection and emotion detection through Azure Cognitive Services. Unfortunately, it does not have the possibility of online testing. Still, it allows testing for free and makes code repositories with examples of use available to all, for example, here and here.

The price plan is somewhat cryptic and oriented to your consumption of its machines. In the end, you always pay more than you had anticipated.

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition

In addition to Azure, other clouds offer similar services, such as Amazon with its Amazon Rekognition. It provides the possibility of, in addition to analyzing emotions, detecting texts, labelling images, identifying content, and detecting professional protection equipment. And, most curiously, detecting celebrities. You cannot carry out an online test, but they allow you to make 1,000 uses per month for free to recognize 5,000 images per month. It works for both video and pictures.

They charge an amount per image processed. The more volume of shots, they charge you less for each image. But to these expenses, you have to add the cost of the rest of the services. Which again -as with Azure- always end up being higher than expected.


The most used technologies for the A few years ago, this type of technologies was the subject of papers in universities today. These have already been embodied in accessible technologies that any of us can try with a couple of clicks. Next, we will talk about some examples of them. Some of them allow us to carry out online tests to check if they fit what we need, although, if we want to use them in our projects, we will have to carry out an integration process with our technology.

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Best Use Of Facial Emotion Detection

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