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Good Source Of Information – What is it? Types, Detect Reliable, And More

What are Information Sources?

Good Source Of Information – The sources of information can be very diverse. They can provide more or less reliable data, which will have a decisive and decisive influence on the results we will obtain. To investigate is to receive information, and knowing how to discover is, therefore, learning to gather information in the most reliable way possible.

Good Source Of Information – What is it? Types, Detect Reliable, And More

In an investigation, we speak of sources of information or documentary sources to refer to the origin of certain information, that is, the care in which we find information and which we can guide to third parties so that they, in turn, retrieve it for themselves. We explain the sources of information in an investigation and how they are classified. Also, how to identify reliable sources.

Types Of Information Sources

Information sources can be classified into:


Primary sources are persons nearby to the event under investigation, with the fewest possible intermediations. For example, if investigating a car accident, the primary sources would be direct witnesses who observed the action. Instead, if a historical event is being examined, the collection of direct testimony would be a potential primary source.

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The secondary sources, on the other hand, are creats on the primary ones and give them some action, whether synthetic, analytical, interpretive or evaluative, to suggest new methods of information. For example, Good Source Of Information – If a historical event is investigated, the secondary bases would be those books on paper about it sometime after the event occurred, based on primary or direct grounds. If what is explored, as in the example above, is an accident, then a summary of witness testimonies written by the police constitutes a secondary source.


These compile and comment on primary and secondary sources, thus being a miscellaneous reading of testimonies and interpretations. Seeing the case of the accident, a tertiary source in this regard would be the complete police file, which includes photos, testimonies, police reports prepared from the latter, etc.

How To Detect Reliable Sources For Our Monographic Works?

You have problems with the papers you present at the university. Learn how to choose the best fonts for your monographic works. The avalanche of information on the Internet has made finding reliable sources of information an increasingly time-consuming and complex exercise. Good Source Of Information  Much of our time at the university is dedicated to presenting monographic works that, over time, we faultless. Whenever we have learned that to submit an excellent extends essay, we must have reliable sources to back it up. Using the wrong sources would only undermine the credibility and seriousness of our work.

Reputation Of The Source

One of the first belongings you should make sure you have reliable info to know the reputation of the source you are going to. For this, there are tools on the Internet that provide us with reliable sources for different topics. If you’re looking for good references, you can turn to Google Scholar, HighBeam Research, Chemdia, or RefSeek.

Beware Of Advertising

If it is information you have found on the Internet, be careful to come across notes with some bias in the news and are associated more with an advertorial (advertising). And If  it is necessary to use that text, cite it indicating the source. However, if the content you have found has the following characteristics: it is current, original, has good spelling, quotes its sources of information and has sound logical reasoning, then the information you have is reliable.

Choosing good fonts for your monographic work is not easy, but it is not difficult. Follow these tips to learn how to tell a trustworthy source from a fake start and make your monograph stand out.

Trusted Sources Of Information

Trusted Sources Of Information

The reliability of an info source comes from its accountable management. Therefore, reliable sources of info are those that:

  • They indicate what their bases are to the level that your bases, at the same time, are reliable, the greater the accumulated credibility.
  • Applies understandable reasoning or interpretations. In other words, he exposes his ideas transparently and frontally, without hiding information and absurd conclusions.
  • Good Source Of Information – Avoid plagiarism and repetition. The responsible management of information involves not blindly repeating what others say. Nor stealing the evidence that third parties have rescued, but relatively highly and gradually addressing the topic of interest.
  • Manage different perspectives. The choice of sources can disclose a bias in any investigation, so it is always considered accountable to cover as many points of view as possible, even when contradictory. A responsible text has nothing to hide.


Whenever you find a seemingly reliable source, don’t stay without looking further. Look for more documents that settle the content you have seen, compare and review before adding said information to your monographic work. There are no better sources than books, scientific and special magazines. Go to a library and look for books on your essay topic. You can also use newspaper publications and theses as sources for your work.

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