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Artificial Intelligence Internship – General Conditions, Competencies, Skills Needed, And More

Internship General Conditions

Artificial Intelligence Internship – The Office will accept the intern provided that the following conditions are accepted. If interns receive a stipend, it will be following the provisions of the UNDP office, taking into corporate account policy;

  • The Office accepts no responsibility for the intern’s life and medical insurance or costs arising, if any, from accidents and illnesses incurred during the internship;
  • The purpose of the internship program is not to generate employment in the Office of the United Nations System but to complement an intern’s studies. Therefore, there should be no hope of work at the end of it.

 Once The Candidate Has Been Selected, They Must Send The Following Additional Documents

  • Updated resume
  • A short cover letter drawing why you are seeking an internship with the Office and what is expected of the experience;
  • Availability of time to dedicate to the internship
  • Letter of acceptance of the conditions set out above.

For active students

  • Official letter from the University confirming the person’s enrollment in the undergraduate or postgraduate degree, as well as the date of graduation;
  • Letter of support from a talent member who has recently directly supervised the student and who is familiar with the student’s performance;

For recently graduated students:

  • Copy of the title obtained;
  • Two letters of recommendation.

In addition, the selected candidate must:

  • Provide proof of health insurance; or acquire one for the period of the internship;
  • Provide a medical certificate of good health.

At the end of the internship, the UNDP El Salvador Representation will issue a note certifying the completion of the training for the corresponding academic or personal registration purposes.




Ability to keep things confidential and exercise reasonable discretion when using information.

Ability to set priorities, coordinate own work plan, and meet deadlines.

Management and leadership

Focuses on results for clients and responds positively to feedback. Demonstrates oral and written communication skills. And also demonstrates openness to change and skill in managing complexities. Demonstrates sensitivity and adaptability to cultural diversity, gender, religion, race, nationality, and age.

Required Skills and Experience

The applicant is not essential to have professional work experience; however, experience in developing solutions and tools using Microsoft technologies such as Sharepoint, Power Automate, Power APPS, Power BI, and other related technologies is desirable.


  • Applicants to the UNDP internship program must be enrolled in the last academic year of a university program at the engineering or bachelor’s level in systems, computer science, or related careers;
  • Graduates with a college degree may also participate and, if selected, must begin the internship within the first year of graduation.

Skills Needed For A Machine Learning Internship?

Most employers prefer candidates applying for machine learning internships who have the following skills:

  • programming
  • odds and statistics
  • Applied mathematics and algorithms
  • Software design
  • Advanced signal processing techniques
  • proactive learning
  • critical and creative thinking

Duties And Responsibilities

The country office is seeking the support of an intern to provide support in the following activities:

  1. Develop tools integrated into Sharepoint, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, PowerBI, and other related ones, to provide easy solutions for integration in workflow, automation, and management tools.
  2. Analysis of BPM tools, solution proposal, and design of the first process in the selected tool,
  3. Develop a document tool using Artificial Intelligence.

Internship: Automation, Bpm, And Artificial Intelligence For Procurement

The United Nations Development Program is the agency of the United Nations System that helps change. It connects countries with the information, experience, and revenues necessary to build a better life.

We have been current since 1975, and we started our help programs following national priorities, focusing mainly on inclusive and effective democratic governance, sustainable human development, and increased resilience.

The Procurement area provides services ensuring consistent work of high quality and accuracy. Promoting a client-oriented approach consistent with applicable rules and regulations, working closely with operations, program, and other Bureau staff, as well as UNDP Headquarters staff, to share information and ensure consistent service delivery.

UNDP has many corporate tools on the cloud that allow processing the different procurement cycle activities. Even so, there are opportunities for improvement in the establishment of workflows, automation of specific simple tasks, and mainly the establishment of a management system.

What Will I Study To Qualify For A Machine Learning Internship?

To qualify for a machine learning internship, you must study any of the following courses: computer science, data analytics, information technology, software engineering, electrical engineering, or a related program. In addition, you must be a current bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree: student or holder.


The program has meant the first contact with artificial intelligence applied to business, especially in the conceptual and technical design.”Through its technology, We provide real-time data so distributors and manufacturers of consumer products can optimize operations through artificial intelligence and image recognition. The vision is to create technological solutions to solve global problems resulting from its value proposition.

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