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Artificial Intelligence Quiz – Introduction, Essential Data, Strategy, And More


Artificial Intelligence Quiz  – The digital transformation and its many advances have put pressure on companies, resulting from the fear of being left behind. Which in turn has results in a tendency among leaders to implement these technologies in their companies.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) then ML (Machine Learning) can provide proposal organizations significant advances in their production systems.  And even a competitive advantage if use carefully and in the right setting. But in most cases, even if it is adopts, fundamental barriers remain, and few companies have the building blocks that enable AI to deliver value at scale. Therefore, being firm about where the Artificial Intelligence opportunities lie and having central. And defines strategies to obtain the data that AI requires should be the starting point for any entity that decides to immerse itself in this transformation.

Is The Company Have The Essential Data To Feed The AI Model?

Is The Company Have The Essential

The AI model quality is condition to the quality and quantity of the data available to the company. The use of AI implies training a correct and meaningful data model that can feed. The AI systems so that they learn to function on their own. Therefore, having a quality data history is essential.

Does my company have enough data? Are the databases that the AI will use trustworthy? Does the company have a robust statistics architecture? To respond to these answers. It is necessary to have a solid framework of objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators) and a robust data strategy to squeeze the most valuable data possible.

What Is The Company’s Strategy To Turn Ai Into An Opportunity?

How Does The Company Idea Address The Problematic And Tool The Solution?

In this fact, it is essential to know how to reformulate the problem definition in a machine learning problem and implement it to avoid any slowdown. Or loss of value during the transformation process.

Does The Company Need An Eventual Or Permanent Solution?

AI technologies must develop part of the company’s core and must be accompanies by a change in mentality on the part of the management team. A company’s digital transformation accompanies the vast majority of success stories at all stages. Whether an AI model is wants for an exact action or the company’s daily processes. It will be decides to purchase a customized product, a standardized solution, or temporary service.

What Problem Is Ai Expects To Solve?

The chief thing, in this case, is to start with the definition of the problem. What is the company looking for? Is it an engine learning model that can solve it? Do you know precisely what AI systems will be use for?

On the one hand, it is essential to detect what types of activities are inefficient. Or intensive in human capital and, on the other hand, to determine how AI anahe company must find ethical solutions so that they do not lose their value and motivation. Effective change programs will focus on specific pieces of training and interventions to engage company employees and managers.

What Yields Are Expects To Be Obtained By Put on This Technology?

How long will it yield for the company to improve the investment? How much will the company’s prices be reduces once AI is executes? Integrating AI and ML copies in a company involves a fee and, therefore, a significant investment.

For this reason, a realistic estimate must be made that determines the parameters of the return on investment. To carry out this plan, the possible presentation indicators (KPIs) must be consider, with which said return will be measure, and how much value the model contributes to the company will be designs.

Are You Thinking Of Executing Ai In Your Company?

AI opens doors to infinite possibilities for companies. Still, if it is deployed as an experiment. If a specific problem is not identify and an action plan is not create, it will be a valueless proposition. As a result, management will not see any value return on investment. We pave the way for implementing AI and ML technologies to be a guaranteed success story. Nexus Integra, the integrate operations platform, suggests a structure Big Data tool that provides data scientists with the quantity and quality of data necessary for the application of AI and Machine Learning, as well as the exploitation of data in any of its applications; native or external.


AI should not be implements as an independent technology but as an integrate solution that synergizes with all areas of the company to maximize productivity and results. The company must ask itself if the AI model can work together with the rest of the parts and identify what problems can arise. The native Machine Learning application allows you to manage different advance algorithms and introduce them to the production process in real-time. As a comprehensive operations center and Big Data platform, Nexus Integra will enable you to get the most value from data.

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