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Hunny Dao Love Token – Introduction, First Dual-Asset Supported, Betting on HunnyDAO, And More


What Is Hunny Dao Love Token – HunnyDAO reinvents a technique using by former central banks to link their LOVE tokens to various decentralize assets (e.g. BUSD, BNB, HUNNY) store in the HunnyDAO treasury. By linking to multiple investments. HunnyDAO can give LOVE an intrinsic value (IV) that cannot fall below that while allowing the weight of LOVE to always stay above the value of the assets.

The First Dual-Asset Supporting  DAO on BSC

Hunny Dao Love Token – Defi has seen an increase in liquidity and reward mining use through protocols such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap. More recently, a new batch of Defi 2.0 protocols is exploring alternative operating options to make their ecosystem more sustainable. Hunny Team has tested. The Defi 2.0 protocol with a clear plan. And has developing a sustainable ecosystem with many utilities HunnyDAO.

Sustainability is the key to long-term success. So for the HUNNY token, achieving deflation has always been a top priority for the team. They will decide to cap the supply at 100 million HUNNY instead of last month’s  not limit to  supply.

Hunny Dao Love Token – The project continues to burn HUNNY through different combustion mechanisms continuously. They have burn a total of 2.7 million HUNNY so far. And the event will continue until the community sees enough. HunnyDAO is a newly will be add entry of Hunny Ecosystem. Scaling Defi Game as it aims to be the best productivity aggregator in BSC, towards a more promising future for Hunny users and team.

Betting on HunnyDAO

Staking is HunnyDAO’s primary value accumulation strategy. Users stake LOVE tokens on HunnyDAO to earn rewards. The rebase reward comes from bond sale proceeds and is subject to change based on the amount of LOVE staked in the protocol and the reward rate set by monetary policy.

Gambling is a passive long-term strategy. Increasing the stake of your LOVE tokens means that the cost base continually decreases and converges to 0. This means that even if the market price of LOVE falls below its original purchase price if the staking period is long enough. Tthe increase in your staked LOVE balance will eventually outweigh the decrease in price. When you bet, you block LOVE and get the same amount of affection.

When you take off the bet, you will burn and get the same amount of LOVE. But if it is not in play, the user will lose the next rebase reward. Please note that rewards will only be forfeited for tokens you have stop staking; the remaining LOVE staked (if any) will continue to receive tips.

Linking in HunnyDAO

Linking is HunnyDAO’s secondary value accumulation strategies. They allow HunnyDAO to obtain its liquidity and other reserve assets such as BUSD by selling LOVE at a discount in exchange for these assets.

The protocol describes the bond with terms such as the bond’s price, the amount of LOVE that is entitled to the bond, and the time require. Bonders can claim rewards (in LOVE) when they invest; at the end of the investment period, the guarantor will receive the total amount.

Bonds are an active short-term strategy. The price discovery mechanism of the minor bond market makes the value of the bond more or less unpredictable. Therefore, pegging is considering  an active investment strategy and needs to be continuously monitor for higher profits than staking.

Linking allows HunnyDAO to accumulate its liquidity. In addition, more POLs ensure that there is always locked-out liquidity in trading pools to facilitate market operations and protect token holders. Furthermore, since HunnyDAO became an autonomous market, in addition to additional certainty for HunnyDAO investors, the protocol also accumulates more and more income from LP rewards to strengthen its coffers.

Benefits For The Hunny Ecosystem

Improve the sustainability and efficiency of the use of capital. Protocol Control Value (PCV) and Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) are two essential elements in HunnyDAO.

Since HunnyDAO controls the coins in its coffers, LOVE can only be minted or burn using the protocol. This also ensures that the protocol can support at least 1 LOVE per 1 BUSD. Then, as HunnyDAO accumulates more PCV, investors can rest assure that the current APY bet can be held for longer. Because there is more money in the treasury. This is one of the primary descriptions of why having a secondary treasury on HunnyDAO is so essential for the sustainability of the protocol.

HunnyDAO owns most of the liquidity thanks to the bonus mechanism. The liquidity is issue as a bond so that the liquidity is tie up to HunnyDAO for the long term, maximizing liquidity and improving capital efficiency.


One factor that sets HunnyDAO apart from others is that HunnyDAO will introduce a secondary treasury backed by profits.  From the Hunny ecosystem consisting of HunnyPlay, HunnyPoker, etc. These products have generate revenue ever since, ever since their debut. Therefore, not only can they support HunnyDAO with treasury assets, but they can also secure the future with the continue growth of the entire Hunny ecosystem.

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