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Transcribe A Youtube Video – About, Combine MP4 Files, Text Transcription, And More


Transcribe A Youtube Video – With VEED, it’s easy to transcribe your videos online. No other programs are compulsory- VEED works in your browser. You don’t even essential to download the YouTube video. Paste the URL, and you’re done. It couldn’t be easier to create text transcripts or add subtitles. VEED automatically converts spoken language into the text; you can transcribe your video and translate it into over 100 languages! Everything repeatedly. Whenever, save your YouTube video transcript via a text folder (.txt) to see the exact video-to-text transcript. After that, you can check out all the other editing options VEED has for you

How To Combine Mp4 Files?

How To Combine Mp4 Files

1. Add the video

You can upload the video to VEED or copy and paste the URL. When it’s pasted, click the icon to the right, and your YouTube video will upload.

2. Generate the transcript

Click ‘Subtitles’ > ‘Automatic Subtitles’. Then press ‘START’. Your transcript will be created automatically as the video plays

3. Edit and save

To edit, click on the subtitles and start typing. It’s that easy. You can also edit the layout of the subtitles, click ‘Styles’ and choose from VEED’s layout options. However, when you’re done, click ‘Options’, then ‘Download Subtitles’ under ‘.TXT Format’ to download your text transcript.

Watching videos on YouTube to learn a subject has become a practical methodology, where students can follow their own learning pace by repeating the recording as many times as needs.

It is expects that while one follows the explanation, one takes some notes in a notebook or on the computer and, in some cases, even transcribes the words that the video presenter is saying. This transcription process helps concentration and understanding of the topic, but it can take a long time if the video is long.

 Text Transcription on Youtube Video

Are you looking for a calm way to get the transcript of a YouTube video without having to listen through it and type down every word physically? You’re in luck. Whenever, our online video editor offers an easy way to generate video transcripts using our neural-powered subtitle group arrangement. However, you must right-click the video path and wait a couple of seconds for the transcript to be made. Afterwards, you can easily edit and accept it as a text file on your computer. And the best part is you don’t have to download the YouTube video to transcribe it with Flixier. However, just copy and paste the link will hook on the connects publishing supervisor, and we’ll bring it ends in a few seconds.

How To Transcribe Youtube Videos To Text?

To record your video, you first need to take it to your YouTube public library. Click the blue Import key in the Library tab, choose YouTube, copy and paste your link into the field. And click the Import button to bring the video to the library.


After the video shows up in your library, drag it down to the Timeline, right-click on it and choose Make Subtitle. Fixer will take a while to process the audio and generate your Subtitle.


To save your video transcription, choose the subtitle thing in the Timeline and snap the Download Subtitle button to accept it to your computer.

Since 2018 You Can Already Obtain The Written Transcript Of A Video Directly From Youtube

  • Below the video, you will see the three ellipses on the right, and if the owner of the video has not disabled automatic subtitles, you will find the option to Open Transcript.
  • The full text (with or without timestamps) seems on the right of the screen, which you can copy and paste into a document.
  • If this last option is not available or you want to get the.SRT transcript file that is, a file with the written text, then you can see a choice using an external tool in the following video.
  • The web tool mentioned in the video is no longer available as they are closing, and new ones always appear.
  • But you can do a Google exploration (for example, with the keywords: [ youtube subtitle extractor ] to find a similar alternative tool which will work similarly.

Why Use Flixier To Transcribe Videos Online?

It’s Easy To Use

We establishing Flixier in instruction to give people with no previous editing knowledge a relax way to edit and brand videos without having to apply hours watching video tutorials

Transcribe Videos In Seconds

Our cloud-powered technology lets you create YouTube videos to script transcriptions in seconds, regardless of what computer you’re running the editor on.

No downloads or installs

Fixer is an online video managing editor and energies in your web browser, so you won’t have to connect or download anything to your computer to use it.

Free Youtube To Text Video Transcriber

Our online video corrector comes with a free version which proposes the greatest of the same features existing in the paid one, so you can test our transcription features without paying anything.

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