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About Xebec Tri Screen 2 Review

Xebec Tri Screen

The Xebec Tri-Screen is a laptop accessory that augments two additional screens to any laptop, instantly boosting your productivity by over 50%. It is a 3-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with a long overhanging bow and stern. The Xebec Tri-Screen 2 is compact and straightforward, and it works well. It adds some bulk but a tiny bit of dimension; it’s a justifiable expense! Xebecs featured a distinctive hull with fewer guns than the period’s frigates.

Advanced Features Of Xebec Tri Colour Screen

Advanced Features Of Xebec Tri Colour Screen

  • Boost productivity by 44%
  • It almost works. ANY laptop.
  • Remarkably. Lightweight.
  • Less than 15. seconds set up.
  • Extremely. compact & portable.
  • Works with every OS.

Pros & Con of Xebec


  • Very portable
  • Clear and bright screens
  • Uses USB-C and mini-HDMI for port flexibility
  • Easy to set up
  • It can support pass-through access
  • It also expands your work area.


  • The Xebec Tri-Screen makes your laptop very top-heavy
  • Hard to use your computer without a flat surface underneath the Tri-Screen is attached
  • By using it, the computer might be a little deep
  • USB-C and HDMI would be cooler to access on the Tri-Screen if they were not on the bottom.

Xebec Tri-Screen 2 Review

As digital nomads and creators who run their entire businesses online, having the right equipment to allow our day to run smoothly is crucial.

Things like a good Internet connection, a working laptop, enough space to work, and access to unlimited coffee are all things that help us do our jobs to the best of our abilities. So when we found out about the Xebec Tri-Screen, we wondered if carrying something extra would be worth it. How heavy would it be? Would it take up a lot of space? Will it help us to be more productive?

(But I’ll be honest, as we’ve become so used to working with multiple screens at home, we hoped the portable multi-screen would live up to expectations and become a solid addition to our travel tech bag!)

After trialing the Xebec Tri-Screen 2 a few times, we knew it was a game-changer. It completely transformed the way we work when on the go. Working from the van, on the side of the road, was now a lot easier (and more fun).

In addition to the Xebec Tri-Screen extending our laptop to three HD screens, we’ve found it has worked wonders for our productivity levels. Now, all our demanding, awkward laptop jobs can be completed anywhere in the world.

Steps to Set up Xebec Tri Screen

Steps to Set up Xebec Tri Screen

Sometimes you need a command centre for gaming as well as working stuff to well Connect with each monitor .here are the basic steps which are to be followed:

  1. First, examine the ports on your PC to determine your available video outputs.
  2. Examine the inputs available on the three monitors. The harbours on your PC don’t have to competition the ones on your monitors, but you’ll need a cable or connector with the appropriate connections if they are different.
  3. Connect the video chain for the first monitor to your PC and then to the monitor. Pause for the PC to detect the monitor and display an image. Repeat this for the second monitor and the third if it’s successful.
  4. Right-click on the Windows desktop and click Display Settings.
  5. Scroll down until you get the Multiple Displays option. A diagram will be noticeable at the top of the Display menu. If this is your first time joining multiple monitors, the graph will show one rectangle with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 together. Click the drop-down pitch and then extend these displays.
  6. Roll to the top of the Display menu. It will now show three rectangles, each labelled with a number. These rectangles show the location of each monitor on your Windows desktop. Change the figure so that each rectangle’s area is almost identical to each monitor’s physical location on your desk.
  7. Verify the monitors are organized as you want by opening a window and tiresome it between monitors.
  8. Close the Display menu.


The Xebec Tri-Screen 2 is unusually modest to set up. I was healthy myself for a complicated process but found it prompt. The company says you can run the format in under 15 seconds, and while I didn’t time it, that seems possible. All you do is slide the stretchy border around your laptop screen, slide one or both of the Xebec screens out, and socket the lot in via USB-C. You do have to go into the display settings first to certify it’s all being read appropriately by the computer, but once it’s set, the whole thing is relatively seamless.

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