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Upsales And Marketing Platform – What Is It?, Opportunities, Strategy, And More

What Is Upselling And Marketing Platform?

Upsales And Marketing Platform – It consists of motivating the purchase of something that makes the prior purchase more expensive,. But with an improvement or optimization. For example, if a customer had already purchased a subscription to your marketing tool. By upselling, you would encourage them to buy an additional integration to improve their experience. While upselling refers to offering another product that constitutes an improvement or optimization of the prior purchase the customer has made. Therefore, according to the previous examples, the upselling would be to suggest paying an additional. Sum to add bacon to a cheeseburger or propose purchasing a keyboard and a new computer.

In other words,  upselling consists of suggesting a product that will improve the immediate purchase and make it more expensive. The important thing is always to show the buyer that if he opts for the most costly asset, he will have advantages that someone else who buys the most specific product will not have.


In the case of upselling,  it is also possible to detect situations in which this strategy can be applied. Perhaps your client started looking for a movie in your catalog, but you can offer the complete trilogy, the most exciting film work of the leading actor of that movie or the different versions that exist of that story.

The idea is that you show him that there are products that complement the purchase. Such as a triad of digital marketing services, with which he will get more out of simply settling for the first service he had in mind. For example, a particular item appears in your catalog exactly. As a potential buyer searched for it: color, material, size, brand. However, you could have a version of that item with substantial improvements that increase its price a little, but also its durability, performance, and aesthetics.

By making this type of association of products of different quality, you allow your consumers to compare and decide between quality or savings, always leaving the door open in case they want to choose an improved version when they have the chance.


For upselling to increase sales and provide additional benefits to the company, the following strategies must be followed:

Pre-Formulation Of The Offer

Upselling is not suitable for all categories and product lines, so the range of products must be limited, and the conditions of action must be defined in advance. Develop a specific upscale algorithm based on the price and characteristics of particular products.

Quality Presentation Of The Offer

Just as an executive presents a product to a customer, he must also give an offer to buy a more expensive one. For this, it is essential to explain to the client the benefit that, with an increase in cost, he will receive a proportional increase in advantages and quality.

A Competent Pricing Policy

A Competent Pricing Policy

The price of an additional upsell product must not exceed 25% of the cost of the customer’s chosen product. Otherwise, the customer may put off the purchase to think about it, causing the sale to be delayed or interrupted.

Extend the upscale over time. For example, do not offer the exclusive at the last second, when the customer is already at the cash register. Or placing an order in the office, as he may think there is some trap, and it will be necessary to work on his objections. Instead, it is better to offer an upscale in the presentation phase of the characteristics of the selected product.

Additional incentives

Along with upselling, you can also offer bonuses and gifts, which the customer will receive if they choose more than one offer or prefer a more expensive one. For instance, free shipping or a product case could be an incentive. But, of course, this would also translate into increased sales.

At What Time To Use An Upsell Strategy?

Now that you have understood what upselling is and how important this technique is to increase your sales, you must be wondering: When should I upsell?

From now on, we will show you the ideal time to offer your customers a complete product or service. Know these strategies!

Upsell With Real Consumers

The first observation to make to be sure that you are applying for an upsell at the ideal time is to know if the person to whom you offer another product or service is a consumer who already had the intention of purchasing on your site or your website. Store.

Upselling occurs when you convince a consumer to buy a higher-value product. Therefore, do not try to sell something more expensive to someone not even interested in being your client.

Understand The Relevance Of The Product Or Service

After being sure that the person to whom you want to apply the upsell technique is your client, think about what you will offer. For example, is the new purchase option exciting and relevant for the consumer? Or will it just increase your average ticket?

Always think about people’s experiences and offer an upsell only if it adds value to your customer’s purchase. Remember to create a new offer related to the item you already wanted to acquire, which is helpful to you. Also, pay attention to the value of the product you will offer. The new purchase has to be worthwhile for your customer and not just for you.

Identify An Unmet Need

Have you ever been to a fast food chain and, when you were about to pay for your purchase, the clerk offered you a larger size of fries for a ridiculous value? It is very likely that, at that time, you did not need any more potatoes. However, the value of more seemed so small to you that you ended up accepting the offer. You have to use this strategy with your customers. Show them that there is a need they haven’t realized yet.


The goal of upselling is to encourage customers to buy higher-priced product versions. Upselling has the best effect on repeat customers who have already had a positive experience with the company and trust it, so they are willing to pay more. A method by which companies increase their profits by encouraging customers to buy more expensive.

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