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Transcribe A Youtube Video – Definition,  How do I generate, Display Youtube, And More

Transcribe A Youtube Video

YouTube may use speech recognition technology to create subtitles for your videos automatically. Note: These automatic subtitles remain generated using machine learning algorithms. Therefore, subtitle quality may vary. We recommend creators add professional subtitles first.


Maestra’s automatic transcription tool allows you to get the complete transcript of any YouTube video of any length in a portion of the time. Automatically transcribe to receive accurate text transcripts and spend valuable time refining your transcription.

You can use a tool like Flixier to convert video to text online. Upload your video first, then connect the Transcribe button to record the video to text. The final step is to download that transcript folder and use it however you want.

Transcribe A Youtube Video

Transcribe A Youtube Video  –

YouTube has a practical but little-known function: automatic Transcription. As its name does not indicate – at least not for everyone – it allows you to obtain the written version of what is said in the audio tape of a video—the equivalent of subtitles in the form of timestamped text. What’s impressive and almost magical is that YouTube does this transcription work almost instantaneously – in fact, in seconds, the actual duration depending on the length of the video – by automatically analyzing everything that is said and in several languages, filtering out anything noise or music.

This function is convenient, whether it is to read the lyrics of a song or more easily follow an interview carried out in a foreign language, for example. Some even use it to transcribe meetings by posting and analyzing their videos to facilitate text entry! Admittedly, as generated by voice recognition algorithms and artificial intelligence, the textual Transcription is “raw from the foundry,” without punctuation, and often full of errors. But she does the job well; the best thing is to try it out to see all the possibilities.

How Do I Generate The Text Transcript Of A Youtube Video?

  • YouTube’s auto-transcribe feature works with almost any video—provided it contains spoken text, but only on the web version, not the mobile app.
  • With your standard web browser, go to the YouTube site and navigate to the video of your choice.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots further down the image to the right of the Save button. Then, click on the  Open “Transcription” tab option in the mini menu that appears.
  • YouTube then analyzes the audio tape and displays the corresponding text – in its original language in a pane to the right of the image, with a synchronized timestamp. As you can easily see, the Transcription is sometimes approximate.
  • While YouTube’s transcription tool naturally works in English – the platform’s “native language” it also gives reasonably good results in French, despite numerous misinterpretations.
  • Click on the three little vertical dots in the pane to the right of the word Transcription. A menu with only one option is displayed: Enable/Disable time stamping. Click on it to no more extended display the time in front of the sentences of the Transcription.
  • To automatically position the video at a specific location in the text, click on a sentence in the transcription pane.
  • Unfortunately, there is no function allowing you to export the text from the transcription pane: you have to copy and paste it by hand by scrolling it with the side scrollbar…
  • Click on the bad-tempered one at the top right near the transcription pane.

Display Youtube Transcript In Subtitles

  • Another way to use YouTube’s transcription engine is to display captions. A method that works even on videos that do not initially contain subtitles.
  • Still, on the YouTube page of the video you’re interested in, click the Settings button (the gear icon) in the playback strip at the bottom of the image.
  • In the mini menu that appears, click on Subtitles, then in the following menu, click on the available language – which varies depending on the case – to activate the subtitles.
  • The Transcription is displayed embedded in the video, like “real” subtitles, but with the limitations above and approximations.
  • By default, this Transcription is in the original language of the video. But this time, you can get a translation! To do this, go back to the Subtitles option, and click on Translate automatically in the last menu,
  • From the long list that appears, select a target language for translation.
  • The subtitles are then automatically translated into the selected language! Again, this is a rough translation generated by an automated process. Be indulgent.

How To Transcribe A Youtube Video?

  1. Import your Youtube video.

Select “Public Link” in the uploader and paste your Youtube video URL to import it into Happy Scribe. The first 10 minutes are free!

  1. Select the video language.

We support over 120 languages, dialects, and accents.

  1. Choose “Automatic” or “Professional.”

Our automatic transcription software is lightning firm and 85% exact. With our professional service, your Transcription will be transcribed and proofread by an expert native speaker who will provide you with at least 99% accuracy.

  1. Receive your transcript.

Our automatic transcription software will convert your YouTube video to text in minutes (depending on your file size). If you select our professional service, your interview transcript will be ready within 24 hours.

  1. Click “Export” and choose your chosen file format.

You can export to TXT, DOCX, PDF, HTML, and more. It’s so easy to transcribe a YouTube video.


Can I transcribe a YouTube video?

Yes, you can! You can copy and adhesive the video URL into our uploader and choose between automatic and professional services. The Transcription should be available within minutes for the automatic option and 24 hours for the professional choice.

How accurate are your transcription services?

Advances in technology are continually improving the level of accuracy of automate transcriptions. Depending on audio quality, speaker’s accent, and technical jargon, our automatic transcription software can achieve up to 85% accuracy. And with the help of our professional transcriptionists, your transcriptions can be 99% accurate.

What is audio-to-text Transcription?

Video-to-text Transcription is converting a video to a text file. From journalists needing to select a passage from a recent interview for one of their articles to business people needing minutes of meetings to a student wanting the written format of a lecture, there are many scenarios where having a text file is still more convenient than having a video recording.

What Are The Main Ways To Adapt Video To Text?

Three central systems exist do-it-yourself (DIY), automatic transcription software, or professional transcription service. Happy Scribe offers these three options. Manually converting your video to text is a free method but also extremely time-consuming. Our automatic transcription software uses state-of-the-art speech recognition technology to transcribe your video in minutes with 85% accuracy. Our professional transcription service provides the highest accuracy rate and will be delivery in less than 24 hours.

How Can I Transcribe A Video On Happy Scribe?

If you need to transcribe your video, you should use Glad Scribe transcription services. With automatic transcription software, the first 10 minutes are free, and you can expect to receive the Transcription within minutes. However, if you choose to have a more professional transcription with 99% accuracy, you can choose our professional service.

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