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Technology Icon – Introduction, Types, Importance, and More


Icon Technology is a software development process that gives us ideas on how we can develop our business and forward. Icon technology allows companies to provide information, which is how we can create. There is software that implements wild world con that assists global corporations and new generation technology companies in developing new products and services and implementing prudent business and technology strategies suits to today’s dynamic digital environments. Icon’s approach combines business and technology innovations to leverage an organization’s current information technology infrastructure and assets. However, Icon professionals work closely with clients to identify, quantify, and realize opportunities to enhance business processes, performance and value creation by designing and implementing a strategic mix of innovative software solutions and re-engineers  business processes.

Types And Examples of Icon

However, icons are visual signs that represent an idea, an object, or an action. There are different types of icons depending on their shape, their function and where they appear. Some icons are found in different places in everyday life, representing an object or a concept. However, many of these icons are use to indicate something. For example, the no smoking icon is using  in different places to indicate to people that smoking is not allows in that place. In computing, icons are small images that allow users to identify files, folders, programs, and applications. Clicking or touching them opens the folders, files, programs or applications.

icon examples

  • phone icon . It is found in cell phones and, by pressing it, calls can be made.
  • Curves on the road icon . Specifies that you are almost to enter an area where there are many curves.
  • Emergency exit icon. Indicates which are the emergency exits of a place.
  • Google Chrome icon. It’s found on computers and cell phones, and clicking on it opens the program.
  • Recyclable waste icon. Indicates in which basket recyclable waste can be thrown.
  • File folder icon. It is found on computers, and clicking on it opens the file folder.
  • Instagram icon. It’s on mobile, and tapping it opens the app.
  • No parking icon. Indicates that you cannot park in that place.
  • stop icon . It shows that cars have to stop.
  • Icon – smiley emoticon . It represents a feeling of joy or happiness

Importance Of  Technology Icon

Importance Of  Technology Icon

At present, we have needed a little help to be able to communicate and carry out the tasks. This help is often represents in graphics or a graphic element that tells us what it means without speaking or writing.

Indeed, today we come to talk about the icons . However, not only will we explain what they are, in case you are not very informs on this topic. But also we will explain the different types that exist and why they are relates to the graphic design sector. Whenever, we had to define the concept icon, we will  define it as a graphic representation, which maintains a certain relationship with the object that is represents. Its meaning originates from the Greek word eikon , which means image and clue, and are generally use to communicate information without using words.

Icons are also signs that contain a high degree of meaning and are easy to decode , although sometimes they need anchoring for a better interpretation or simply to further improve their design. In other words, the icons are base on their own concept and style to communicate messages or functions, and are character by a pertinent visual treatment, by their graphic freedom and by their color palette .

Basic Computing Concept Of Icon

system icons are those icons using to identify operating system files , shortcuts , programs , and tools .windows system icons are those of my computer, network neighbourhood, dial-up networking, recycle bin (empty or full), internet explorer, folders, etc. Icons strike a balance between function, synthesis, and aesthetics to create a language that everyone, regardless of language, race, or age, can understand. The key is that something so small contains excellent information and be able to deliver it immediately.

In graphic design, we understand signage as an icon. Although it does not mean the same thing as signage. Whenever, we can define it as a communication method that, through iconic, linguistic and chromatic signs and symbols, guides and provides instructions on how a group of people or we should react to a particular physical space.


windows (“windows” in english) has this name because it is built on a multi-window graphical interface. this means that windows allows you to have multiple windows open at the same time. to manipulate them, there are buttons, bars and menus. it is important to know their names, but even more important is to know what they are for.


a folder is a group of data files, its content depending on the criteria adopts by the user for their storage. They are creats to organise the information within the disc better. For example, you can make a folder with the name “word documents” and in it save all the files creats by that application; you can create another one called “videos” and store in it all the files that correspond to movies and videos; thus, infinite possibilities, such as photographs, music, etc.


Technology icons are especially recommends when the size or resolution in which the hero is display is reduced or when it comes to symbols whose interpretation is random or conventional since adding details or realism will not contribute to or improve their recognition or understanding.

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