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Fiber Optic Installation – Definition, Types, Cost, And More


Fiber Optic Installation  – Fiber optic is the internet process, and it gives the power to make the Internet fast and needs to increase its Speed to make the Internet easy to access. The ordinary people cannot do setting it isn’t easy. There will be separate technicians available for a particular work process. To have fiber optic installed in a single-family home, you need to arrange an appointment with a capable expert technician. So that they can carry out the fiber connection work directly at your home. Discover the steps for installing fiber optics in your home.

There Are Different Types Of Fiber Optic Connection

There Are Different Types Of Fiber Optic Connection

Optical fiber is a thin glass wire that conducts light. The fiber connection offers, nowadays, the highest internet connection speeds. A beam of light injected into the fiber carries gigantic amounts of data at the Speed of light. Neither distance nor electromagnetic waves weaken these transfers. This very high-speed technology is revolutionizing Internet and telecommunications marketing. The proposed theoretical maximum throughput is 1Gb/s. The speeds observed are much lower depending on the type of connection but are still far superior to conventional ADSL speeds.

Fiber connection to the subscriber (FTTH or Fiber to the Home)

This type of connection, mainly available in large cities, allows you to take full advantage of fiber speed. Indeed, the fiber is connected from the optical connection node to the local, office or subscriber’s home. The installation of an optical socket is then necessary at the subscriber. FTTH fiber is often shared between several subscribers or dedicated to a single one.

Fiber to the Last Amplifier (FTTLA or Fiber To The Last Amplifier)

This type of connection also offers a very high speed connection. On the other hand, the fiber stops at a street cabinet or a box located at the foot of the building (FTTB in this case). Instead of going to the subscriber. Finally, a coaxial cable terminates the connection to the subscriber. SFR generally offers this type of connection based on the renovated Numéricable network.

Fiber connection to the office (FTTO or Fiber To The Office)

This offer is dedicates to companies. A professional dedicates fibre connects the operator to the subscriber. Unlike a shared FTTH, no other subscriber shares this fibre. This type of connection also makes it conceivable to benefit from a guaranteed balanced flow and a GTR (Guaranteed Recovery Time) in the event of an incident.

Standard Cost of Fiber connection

There will face different charges for fiber optic installation according to the brand. That is, the Speed is calculates according to the brand, every company has a brand, and every brand has a rate. There is a prices are to made as per brands and Speed. So accordingly, he recharges area-wise, as the network in the area is fast and medium, according to that it goes and according to that money is also nominates. With the cabling part done, it’s time to install the hardware needed to make the fiber work. This step consists first of all in installing an optical drawer; or a fiber optic outlet optical branch point.

It is the final connection of the fiber optic installation in a company. Once installing  the fiber will be connects and the cables welded. Thus, to be certain that the fiber is correctly connecting  and that there is no leak, an optical test of the cable is carried out. This step is not specific to fiber but it makes sure that the internet connection delivering  corresponds to what was ordered. It also allows you to complete the delivery and activation of your professional fiber optic package once connects  to the network.

How Long Does The Line Cut During The Installation Of The Fiber Last?

The cut lasts the time of the installation (count between 2h and 4h approximately). The connection is cut at the beginning of the facility and restarts at the end of the intervention.

Do I Have To Be Present During The Intervention Of The Technician?

Your presence or that of a loved one is essential to allow our technician to install the fiber socket in your home and to access the common areas if you live in an apartment building. Despite the presence of a fiber socket in your home, the intervention of a technician


As we told you in the preamble of our file on the connection of professional premises to fiber, there are four stages in the installation of optical fiber. There is the building file, the drawing of the fiber, the installation of the drawer and the connection and finally, the delivery of the link and the start of production.

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