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Fastboy Marketing – Introduction, Children’s Marketing, Gender Marketing, And More


Fastboy Marketing – Children are bombarded by brand messages from birth: on packaging in supermarkets, in movies, on toy giveaways in fast food restaurants, in product placement in films, and in TV ads. , In Internet. Can you imagine a consumer who wants to buy everything he sees and doesn’t care what it costs? Can you imagine this consumer can drag everyone around him and influence his purchase? Well, it’s not a dream. That consumer can be your son or your niece.

It’s no wonder that children as young as two years old already recognize specific logos and brands, beginning to ask for them as soon as they start to speak.

Children’s Marketing The Consumer Of Today And Tomorrow

Children are a priority target for brands because, in addition, they have a significant influence on family purchases. For example, a study in Canada by YTV’s Tween Report revealed that if children aged 9 to 14 spent $1.9 billion a year, they influence $20 billion in family purchases.

If a child asks for a specific toy 37 times a day for a week, it is highly likely to end up being purchase. In children’s leisure offers, this percentage is even higher, for example, to decide which shopping center we are going to next Saturday or which restaurant we will eat at on Sunday.

Children As Young Recognize Specific Logos And Brands

Until four or five, most children do not understand the difference between entertainment and advertising. They watch commercials and television programs with the same attention. Advertisements directes at this group associate the product or brand with fun and happiness rather than talking about facts about the product. By the age of eight to twelve, they begin to understand the purpose of the ads but remain vulnerable to them. As a result, a whole section of the marketing industry is dedicating  to finding ways to sell things to children or using the child to sell stuff to parents…

What Is Gender Marketing?

What Is Gender Marketing_

Gender marketing – the division of the target group into men and women – must be approaches today very differently. If you build your marketing strategy base on outdated clichés, you will have little success and much criticism. However, you can be successful with gender marketing if you consider people’s individuality and diversity.

Explain In Details  Gender Marketing

“Gender” is the English term for “gender” and extends beyond the definition of the biological sex of each person, which is determined by birth and excludes any choice. Instead, “gender” refers to the sociocultural construction that defines the roles and typical behaviors of men and women.

The differences between men and women regarding their patterns of reasoning and behavior are investigated within the framework of so-called gender studies. In sociology or psychology, gender research also provides interesting conclusions for marketing. For this reason, various marketing strategies include gender marketing, which bases its raison d’être on adjusting the media and advertising measures to the most common purchasing and consumption habits of each gender.

How Does Gender Marketing Work?

The main objective of gender marketing is to include the specific needs of each gender in the development, distribution, and communication of products and services. To do this, a good marketing mix usually uses seven instruments: product (product policy), price (pricing policy), place (distribution policy), promotion (communication policy), personal (personnel policy ), process processes) and physical facilities (facilities policy).

The aspects of product, distribution, promotion, and personnel are especially relevant for gender marketing since they can be easily adapting  to different needs and preferences. Here’s how to use gender marketing to successfully market products and services.


most essential features concisely and succinctly, with figures and facts if possible. On the contrary, women want to be fully inform about the offer, which implies that they are willing to read longer texts. These should highlight as accurately as possible the usefulness and application possibilities of the advertised product. And this affects not only the web design but also the texts and the image of the products.

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Fastboy Marketing – Introduction, Children's Marketing, Gender Marketing, And More

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