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Dodge Electric Muscle Car – Definition, Concept, Dodge’s Plans, And More


Dodge Electric Muscle Car  – The first electric muscle car. Its design evolves from what is seen in the brand’s classic muscle cars, combining features of the Charger and Challenger. To give rise to a muscular model that maintains the peculiarity of its ancestors. But, simultaneously, achieves a much more stylish and subtle aesthetic. The ecological trend even reaches the segment of muscular American models  the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept is proof of this.

Electrification is beginning to be almost omnipresent in the motor world. Still, within the different markets and segments, there are some in which this type of technology seems to have no place. For example, that American muscle cars, with their substantial gasoline engines, are the antithesis of zero emissions. Still, you have to adapt or die. Dodge, one of the American brands of the Stellantis Group, has opens the season. With the first electric model of this category, the Charger Daytona SRT Concept.

Although it has been presents as a prototype, it is a vehicle that could easily be a street car. When the model is produces in series (although it does not yet have a date of arrival on the market), it will hardly have to undergo any changes.

This Is The Concept Of Dodge’s Electric Muscle Car

This Is The Concept Of Dodge's Electric Muscle Car

A few weeks ago, Dodge reveals that the next Charger and Challenger models would arrive electric, ending an incredible trajectory that accompanies speed fans for decades. The next muscle car from the Stellantis Group firm has been revealed. Which will be fully electric and shows how the Dodge Charger concept will be adapts sustainably. The vehicle’s structure reflects part of the history remember by the manufacturer through this legendary model. But at the same time adds aerodynamic and technological features. Today, perfectly mixing classic aspects with futuristic elements.

The front grille looks rectangular, imposing, and with aerodynamic lines that distribute the airflow to various areas of the car. In contrast, the rear area will exert much of the lift through an aggressively structure diffuser. Along with air openings that drift into the tires.

Complete information about the car is unknown at the moment. As Dodge has remains tight-lipped while slowly dropping details. Such as the introduction of a rear-mounts speaker system capable of 128 decibels. Also, it will bring an 800-volt architecture system that will send power to all four wheels. Finally, at a technological level, an experience with greater use of touch variants will be offer through a transmission baptized by Dodger as “Erupt.”

Dodge’s Plans

Both for Dodge and the rest of the Stellantis Group brands. There is only one way left electrification, will give that the sustainable plans. That have been adopting  by several countries, including the United States, stipulate the reduction of carbon dioxide generates in the mobility sector, as well as in other industries.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Charger and Challenger reaches their end, giving way to vehicles that without a doubt could be the same or better. Only that they will be in debt with the powerful sound that will be lost as a result of not having the burning of fossil fuels.

The End Of Muscle Cars

Dodge Unveils New Charger Daytona SRT—Electric. Finally, the thriving exhaust pipes of muscle cars are about to go down in history. Dodge says it will stop creating gasoline forms of the Dodge Challenger and Charger muscle cars and the Chrysler 300 by the end of next year.

The roaring gasoline-powered muscle cars that have been a part of American culture for periods are set to roll into the twilight in the coming years as automakers substitute them with high-speed, battery-power vehicles.

General Motors has supposed it would harvest an all-electric Chevrolet Corvette. Tesla rights its Model S Plaid form; Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and other European automakers previously had high-performance electric replicas for sale. And Polestar, a Volvo spin-off electric brand, proclaims a new Polestar 6 roadster for 2026.

One of the reasons for the change in direction in the industry is that electric vehicles are quicker to start. In addition, its handling is often better because its heavy batteries create a low center of gravity.


It is one of the few details shares about the model’s propulsion system, which has only been said to be calling Banshee. It has four electric motors and 800V. Its performance figures have not been specify. But it has been said to improve everything on the SRT Hellcat . The goal of this is so that drivers can experience, as much as possible, sensations similar to those of Dodge’s combustion muscle cars.

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