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Brooks Launch Gts – Introduction, Technologies, Advantages, And More


Brooks Launch Gts  – GTS is nothing but  Go-To-Support. We are using our Railings technology to deliver holistic support that allows your hips, knees, and joints to move the way you naturally do. The upper is more breathable, the cushioning has been improved, and the midsoles and outsoles have also been redesigned.


The upper of this Launch 9 has therefore been redesigned. We now have a very light and very breathable Creel Warp mesh. In cushioning, Brooks has added more BioMoGo DNA to make strides more responsive. The midsole is therefore 2 mm thicker. In addition, the Green Rubber technology placed on the outsole helps smooth your stride. As a result, the transition from heel to the forefoot is easier.

The Launch GTS  thus uses the same technologies but has the GuideRails. The latter results in a reinforcement at the level of the foot’s arch, allowing people with a pronating stride to control their excessive movements.


Like other models we have already tested on the site (The Brooks Adrenaline 21 GTS or Brooks Glycerin 19 ), the Brooks Launch 8 is available in a GTS version. As a reminder, the GTS is the brand’s support technology. It allows bringing a little support to the existing models. Thus the Launch GTS 8 has the same characteristics as the standard version, modulo this side rail at the back and on the sides of the shoe.

The cushioning of the Brooks Launch is lighter than that of other brand models ( Ghost, Adrenaline, Glycerin ). While it retains the same 10mm drop, it weighs “only” 244g. This is explaining by using BioMoGo DNA foam in the midsole and very breathable fabric for the upper: the Air Mesh. At the front of the foot, the addition of Blown Rubber facilitates propulsion.

The Limited Edition

Brooks Launch 8 limited edition is the new version at Brooks Running France. Necessary precision, this test speaks of the Brooks Launch 8 and not of the Brooks Launch GTS 8, which are two different models. The GTS add GuideRails technology which corrects your stride. For more information on this, you can go to the link below:

The promise made for the mesh is kept. It is very airy and holds the foot well. We are not on a “sock” feeling like on some models either (which I find moderately pleasant for my part), but the footholds well with a close fabric. The durability of the mesh will have to be confirm. In any case, there is no sign of premature wear. The tongue and the lacing are pretty classic in the standard of what is currently done.

The tongue is thin and will not interfere with the foot. No excessive length for the laces but enough to experiment with different types of lacing. No problem with the tab not turning. Nothing special to report for the toe-box. You should not expect to swim like in altra. It’s classic. This model is available in the L version for extensive feet, but most will find it by taking their usual size.

Dynamism Or Cushioning


Very often, the choice is made at the time of purchase. We are moving towards models with a lot of cushioning or, conversely, light models, depending on what we are looking for in training or competition. There is a separate category of shoes: dynamic models that do not sacrifice cushioning. Prowess was challenging to achieve, combining lightness and speed. As much to say right away, the Brooks Launch 8 fall without hesitation into this category. In men’s size 42, the model weighs 236 g. It’s very light compared to all the other models on the market! There are shoes with less weight but do they have as much cushioning.

At first glance, I thought these shoes would be a little tight on my long rides, given the weight. It has not happened. Example session: Long 2-hour outing on a cycle path (mixture of concrete and earth on the sides). Just over 30km done. No pain appears even while remaining on the concrete all the session. The cushioning is how I like them, not too hard like some models that hit, but not too soft like others where you sink into the ground. We are carry out, and we want to let our stride unfold. The Blown Rubber pushes forward. We feel it as an invitation.

Be careful. The cushioning is pleasant but not comparable with heavier models, such as the Brooks Glycerin or Ghost, which offer more protection.


A mixed and fast model optimized for runners who need more stability and support during the gait cycle. The new technologies and materials implementing  in these models have been improve , especially in the upper part, to improve breathability during the race. Also, at first glance, aesthetics is hardly a difference compares  to its version for runners with a neutral stride. The upper’s Air Mesh fabric provides a lighter, more adjustable fit for a superior running experience.

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