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Audio Technica Designer Speakers – About, Types, Tips, And More


Audio Technica Designer Speakers  – To find the design of these Audio Technica speakers original and fun, with a “floating” cone shape. With a size of 30 centimetres, the sound comes out of the lower part of the cone towards the base, from where it expands throughout the room. They have a blue light in that lower part, which seems to have become fashionable now and that I don’t quite understand because it bothers me more than anything else. It is considered another of those essential home theatre speakers to perceive deep sounds with detail and spectacularity. Opting for a stereo configuration with monitor speakers is also advantageous to emphasize the bass and obtain all the necessary force.

Types Of Speaker

Loudspeakers are divided into two large groups: active and passive. Although their objective is the same, there are several considerations that we must take into account to understand their nature when purchasing them. First, the group of active loudspeakers includes all the models that mount an amplifier inside and do not need another external device to work. Within this classification, the traditional 2.0 self-powered speakers for use with PCs, turntables or TVs, portable BlueTooth speakers and multiroom speakers are among the most prominent.

1. Active

Active loudspeakers integrate an amplifier and therefore do not need power or external power to function. They promote the Plug-and-Play philosophy (connect and play) to perfectly combine with home devices such as TV, computer, CD player, turntable, Hi-Res players or smartphones, among others.

The most important specification to reflect when buying active loudspeakers is their RMS power., which is the actual watts they can achieve. In most cases, manufacturers highlight peak power with spectacular data, but we must be careful since if we subject the speakers to extreme strength, they can break.

2. Bluetooth

2. Bluetooth

Speakers Bluetooth speakers have experienced their particular honeymoon in recent years due to their excellent results, not only in terms of sound matters but also because of their ease of transport, compact dimensions and resistance to adverse climatic or physical conditions such as The hits. Furthermore, the advantage of this type of speaker is the absence of cables, favouring freedom of movement and placement of the device in any space, as well as remote control from a mobile phone, computer or Hi-Res player.

3. Multiroom Speakers We Are

Not neglecting wireless audio, but this time, we are focusing on multiroom speakers or multiroom sound, designed to create authentic background music throughout the space and especially recommended for use at home. The idea of multiroom speakers is to take advantage of the wireless connection via WiFi that they integrate and distribute several devices to different places in the house. For example, with its arrangement in the living room, the kitchen and the main room, we achieve a complete sound system without the need to add external amplifiers or steamers since multiroom audio is active and adds all current technologies in terms of connectivity, not only WiFi but also incorporating Bluetooth and the connect option of streaming platforms such as Spotify or Tidal, as well as Apple’s AirPlay.

These functions allow completely remote use of the speaker, without the need to execute the essential tasks from it, and betting on the use of voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, which are increasingly present in this type of speaker.

4. Sound Bar

More and more users are making a bet on the sound bar as a companion to their television to improve sound and add that touch of aesthetics that we like so much to have in the living room at home. But unfortunately, current televisions are made with thin frames that make it challenging to integrate good-performing internal speakers and therefore, it is necessary to accompany them with active speakers or a sound bar that performs the function of these, with a more refined design, compact and easy to place right on the base of the TV.

Among the benefits of sound bars, their ease of connection stands out to the TV through digital inputs, HDMI connections, and even via Bluetooth or WiFi with the new intelligent soundbars. They can also decode classic and demanding audio formats such as Dolby Digital or the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X; and, of course, adapt to any space thanks to their stylized design.

5. Passive Speakers

As we said at the beginning, passive speakers need an integrated amplifier to work. Their use is generally associated with listening to stereo music and home theatre systems. As for its specifications, here we must consider factors such as impedance, sensitivity or SPL, which will determine the speakers’ total performance and the amplifier we can combine them.

Tips To  Choose

After knowing all the options offered by the expansive universe of loudspeakers, it is time to review and summarize tips that will help you choose the ones that best suit you base on three key factors: the use, the room and the budget.

Use And Needs Of Your Speakers

The first component to consider when buying speakers is the need we have as listeners and the use we will give them. As you have seen in the classification, there are multiple ways to enjoy music or cinema at home, but you also have to know which equipment is best suits to such circumstances.

The Room And The Listening

Context The listening context and place are essential when choosing the perfect loudspeakers. Leaving outdoor use aside, if we talk about a living room, a dedicated room or a study, we will have to consider aspects such as the total space available, the layout of the walls and furniture, or the distance at which we will be from the speakers. Of course, professional acoustic treatment with insulating or absorbing panels, even though the choice of curtains, sofas, rugs or furniture, no matter how small, will help improve the sound experience.

The Budget

It is unavoidable. The budget is the key that will set the course in the choice of our speakers along with the elements we have mentioned previously. Of course, high-end loudspeakers will benefit from more advances components, construction and design than you will find in a line-in. However, although hi-fi in general and dedicated music listening in particular, it has been understood Traditionally an expensive market within reach of a few, more and more brands are making their prices more flexible and offering options for all audiences and pockets.

So if after reading this article you have wanted to know more or to finally acquire those speakers you have dreamed of all this time, I encourage you to contact us and request personalized advice from our sound specialists.

Column Or Floor Loudspeakers Column Loudspeakers

receive this name because they do not need a stand and are placing  directly on the floor. However, using the so-called decoupling tips is advisable, whose function is to avoid excessive vibration during sound reproduction. They are the most voluminous and robust and are especially suitable for use as front speakers in a home theatre system or high-performance stereo hi-fi equipment since their size makes it possible to integrate more pathways and components dedicates to each frequency and obtain an expansive soundstage for a fully immersive experience.

Able to withstand a higher SPL (sound pressure level), the column loudspeakers achieve a more significant extension in the low zone. Therefore, it will be essential to place them correctly, away from walls and at the proper distance so as not to lose any nuance of the sound.


Although all the prominence of a home cinema is acquire by the so-called front trio form by the front speakers and the centre channel, the surround speakers play a significant role within the system since they are responsible for reproducing those effects that are the icing on the cake and that they achieve that immersive ingredient that a home theatre must have.

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